EV Charging Point Operational

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) is now fully operational and is publicly available in our office carpark for electric car drivers to use.

Whilst we don't yet have an electric car fleet yet this is something we are investigating at the moment and we hope to purchase one in the near future.

Electric vehicles are now being viewed as an environmentally friendly, realistic and cost-efficient purchase for many individuals and businesses as the technology has come on massively since the early models.

Although the upfront cost of purchasing an electric car may be greater this should be weighed against the many financial incentives in place to consider going electric:

  • Lower fuel costs – the average EV will cost around 2-3p/mile in electricity, at least a quarter of the average conventional vehicle fuel cost.
  • Free electricity when charging through Scotland’s Plugged-in Places network.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run, with little to no road tax and considerably lower running costs than cars using traditional petrol or diesel - electric cars cost around £3.00 to charge fully, covering 100 miles, while a petrol or diesel car would use up to £18 worth of fuel to cover the same distance.

For more information on electric vehicles please visit the Energy Savings Trust website.