Every Day is a School Day!

Here at Hadden we believe in delivering added value on all our projects through community benefits. When working in communities, it is important we educate children on the dangers around building sites. Whilst we can’t get to everyone, we have a strong track record in educating young children on the risks involved to themselves and others when there is a building site in operation in their community. Our main message is that building sites are very dangerous and are not playparks. Pictured is Stephen Lynas, our Business Development Director, with 2 Assistant Site Managers of the future!

We introduce Ivor Goodsite and Honor Goodsite from the Considerate Constructors Scheme in our presentations. They’re no Bob the Builder, but they both promote and demonstrate the importance of Health and Safety. Our presentations are very interactive with lots of opportunities to ask questions and answer ours too. We usually present for 30 minutes and have a 10-minute question time at the end. We encourage the children to ask as many questions as possible! We end the session detailing a Building Site Safety Poster competition. This gives the children the opportunity to show off their artistic abilities and helps encourage the safety message to sink in.

As a prize for the competition, we donate £250 to the school to be used as they see fit. In the past, we have had schools opt for Lego prizes, which ties in perfectly with the construction sector and helps reinforce our message. The schools we have recently visited are: Loch Primary School, South Lanarkshire; St Johns Primary School, Blackwood; Hayshead and St Thomas Primary School, Arbroath and Tayport Primary School in Tayport. We look forward to the many more visits we have after the summer holidays!

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