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Community benefits at Aberuthven Primary

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Community benefits at Aberuthven Primary

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Hadden Construction were recently approached by the Headteacher & Parent Council of our local Aberuthven Primary School to see if we could help them out by assisting with some improvement works to their outdoor playground shelter. The shelter was built on the grass in the playground and in wet and muddy weather it was unusable. By constructing a new slabbed floor in the shelter and a new slabbed path from the playground it has been give a new lease of life and can be used in all weathers. 

The children can now use the shelter when it\'s raining without getting their feet muddy!

Hadden Chairman Scott Hadden commented: \"It\'s the little things that matter at times and this was a great way, with a small investment from us in materials and labour, of helping our neighbours at the primary school in Aberuthven.

#Communitybenefits in action.

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