Guthrie Hill & Smithy Croft Housing, Arbroath

  • Angus Council
  • £5,900,000
  • 2 years
  • SBCC with Quantities

Hadden have recently been awarded a £5.9m contract to deliver 40 new homes to replace the now demolished four blocks of unpopular and empty council flats at Guthrie Hill and Smithy Croft in the Arbroath Abbey quarter.

A two-year construction programme will start on site as the old buildings make way for energy efficient low rise accommodation designed to complement the abbey and provide a place where people can enjoy living.

When finished, these 40 new high quality homes will be available for social rent and will reinvigorate the area.

The development will also improve access to the Abbey and High Street.

Specifications for the new development include:

- high quality design taking in references from the abbey and historical associations;
- low rise energy efficient accommodation to ensure the best views of the abbey;
- a mix of property sizes to enable a mix of families, couples and single people and close attention to the environment and landscaping, including car parking, to improve the approach to the Abbey.

The multi storey blocks originally on the site had long been unpopular and were increasingly difficult to let. It was also felt that they impacted negatively on business, retail and tourism.

The Abbey Quarter is important to Arbroath both as a central residential and retail area, but also as a major visitor destination due to the presence of the historic abbey.

  • Architect: Angus Council
  • Quantity Surveyor: Angus Council
  • Structural Engineer: Angus Council
  • Services Engineer: Angus Council