Quality & Environmental

With the appointment of Lee Johnston as designated Group Health and Safety Manager in July 2018, Mike Cook’s role refocussed on our Quality and Environmental Management systems. As Group Quality & Environmental Manager, Mike is tasked with ensuring that the Group’s Quality and Environmental policies are implemented across the group and our supply chain.

Our construction activities may impact on the environment and to minimise this impact we recognise that environmental protection and prevention of pollution is an important part of business operations.

The Quality & Environmental Management Systems shall be maintained and implemented to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction as well as product or service conformity to quality and regulatory and industry requirements.

With the support and leadership of the Senior Management Team, Mike will ensure the awareness of customer requirements is promoted, drive cultural change, promote environmental awareness and sustainability throughout the Group.

Our reputation is based on reliability and quality, both forming an integral part of the business. 

Hadden Group is accredited to ISO 9001/2001 & ISO 14001 by the BM TRADA Scheme and we are committed to regularly reviewing our procedures and continually improving them to incorporate more efficient processes where appropriate.

Performance is continually monitored and any improvements to procedures and processes are made to ensure delivery of a high quality product and service.

Our aim is to be acknowledged by customers, partners and stakeholders within Scotland and the wider construction community as the pre-eminent provider of the most cost effective and innovative construction service for the benefit of the communities we serve.

We also recognise that our activities in the construction industry may have an impact on the environment and to minimise this impact the Company recognise that environmental protection and prevention of pollution is an important part of business operations. In 2018, we appointed Michael Cook to the role of Quality and Environmental Manager to ensure that all of our business meets the highest quality standard and exceeds the regulatory framework where possible. 

Our Environmental Management System has been certified by BM Trada as meeting the requirements of ISO14001:2004.

We routinely identify, monitor and address our environmental impacts by setting and meeting the following objectives:

- Developing, revising and improving, where practical, processes and procedures to ensure environmental risks are reduced and best practice is adopted.
- Fostering the commitment of all management and staff towards improving the environmental performance of the business.
- Encouraging the adoption of similar environmental standards from all stakeholders involved in our business.
- Ensuring staff are kept abreast of current environmental issues and initiatives through training and regular communications.
- Reducing, reusing and recycling materials and resources where possible
- Seeking to prevent pollution through effective control of emissions to air, water and land, waste management, raw materials and natural resources.