Hadden makes Resource Efficiency Pledge

At Hadden Construction we recognise the importance of our environment and the effect our building operations may have on it. That is why we have recently made a 'Resource Efficiency Pledge' through Resource Efficency Scotland to make a stong committment to work harder to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our clients demand it and we are committed to ensuring we implement improved sustainable working practices into our construction & business operations.

By taking simple steps, we can:

• lower costs
• improve productivity
• reduce risks
• enhance reputation
• increase competitiveness

In turn, this will help to maximise sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

As a business we feel it is important to 'walk the walk' rather than just 'talk the talk' which is why, as part of our £0.5m investment in our new head office extension, that we are providing solar PV panels providing all our electrical power, highly insulated fabric, improved high efficiency boilers, cycle to work provision, a green travel plan, publicly available electric car points and instantaneous hot water systems.

If you are interested in taking the Resource Efficiency Pledge sign up here