FuelGood Driver Training

The FuelGood driver training programme (funded by Transport Scotland) is part of the Energy Savings Trust's low carbon transport package for Scottish Government to assist organisations reduce their carbon impact and fuel costs.

Fuel Good Training teaches drivers fuel efficient driving techniques to help them drive in a more efficient manner to reduce fuel consumption and therefore saving money and cutting emissions.  The training also encourages a safer driving style and can reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Eight drivers from Hadden Construction undertook the training on the 2nd September 2014. Each driver was given a one to one 50 minute training session with mpg improvements after each session ranging from 2.3% to 17.6% The average improvement after the training was 7% which equates to saving of approximately £1,312 and 3.5 tonnes of CO2 per year just for those 8 drivers.

For more information please visit the Energy Savings Trust Website.