5 new homes at Ferrier Fields, Kirriemuir

Work is now complete at the new £0.7m development of 5 houses at Ferrier Fields,  Kirriemuir for Angus Council.   The development includes one block of two semi-detached single storey houses and another block of three terraced two storey houses.

The houses were built using an airtight construction, complemented with high-efficiency gas boilers and whole house heat-recovery ventilations systems.  Environmentally friendly building materials such as recycled newspaper insulation with engineered timber joists in the floors and wall were also specified.

The development forms part of Angus Council's ambitious building programme to provide more than 150 new council houses, which will help reduce the housing waiting list and meet the council's vision of building quality, affordable and energy efficient homes for rent in areas of highest need across Angus.

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